For those who keep up with my posts & everyone who supports me, I would like to say THANK YOU!

I originally started this blog with a former partner of mine, but because that situation shifted i was forced to begin on my OWN. Only to realize how much support I had from fellow bloggers and fans… after receiving a lot of feedback from my supporters, encouraging me to do something I love regardless of the situation and/or circumstances. So I knew I had to continue what that which I started therefore Lady Daf Mary Jane  emerged.

 The idea originated from the Christian Louboutin original collection of platform pumps.. So any  woman who knows fashion, understands the meaning behind this amazing collection of shoes that I have taken a great liking to. Every day will be random, as I can wear anything from  “Lady-Like High-Fashion” to “Retro”, or even “Punk”. I’m not afraid of colors and/or mixing styles, I like to feel i have a unique sense of style that I express through-out my blogs and I KNOW everyone will enjoy.


temp pro pic


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