She’s the main event




[HEADBAND]LaGyo_Mary bow bandana Skulls
[HAIR].:{Rumina}:. Ariel – Small/Med -NEW -TP
[GLASSES][CO57] Feline Sunglasses Noir
[BINDI][whatever] Three Pearl Bindi
[EARRINGS]::DirtyMind:: Duo Tone Bamboo Earrings
[NECKLACE]* SORGO – CubanLink – GOLD/GOLD@Kustom 9
[CUFF][F]oil- Tall Watch Cuff- Black/Gold @FiFridays
[CLUTCH][7891.] One Way Clutch – Gold
[RING].:villena:. – Kush Ring/Gold @The Showroom
[TOP] IAF Cropped Jersey–@The Swag Fest COMING SOON..8/30-9/20
[SHORTS] IAF Highwaist Denim Short-@The Swag Fest– COMING SOON..8/30-9/20
[HIP CHAIN]- Pr!cK – PunKLy Hip Chain
[HEELS][7891.] Futura – Metallic Lt.GunMetal @The Showroom


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