Queen of the night

Khaleesi of the night

[HAIR]Moon{Hair}. Elastic Heart
[ARMOR].Enfant Terrible. Decor Armor
[BODYCHAIN] majestic chain gold @THE SECRET AFFAIR
[CUFFS]ILLMATIC :: Metallic Glamazon Cuff
[DRESS]::LC:: Naomi Gown
[THIGH CHAIN]G A R B A G E – Legchain *gold*
[HEELS].Renegade. Lace-up Plaform Sandals
[DRAGON] Alchemy-Wyrmling-Animated Pet@THE SECRET AFFAIR

Hello dollies, I gotta say I really enjoyed putting together this post/fit..To me it’s a mixture of the [Game of thrones] & [Queen of the Damned]. & YES I know the crown is lannister and the dragon is the  symbol of the Targaryens.. Was done to MY liking and wasn’t meant to be literal..I felt inspired by both queens and added a bit of spice to the look.Also this new dress from Lethal Couture was exactly what I was looking for. To complete my look, its absolutely gorgeous!!! The creator Emerald Emor designed it, to honor the Series “THE FACE”!! She did an amazing job..I feel like all items combined together PERFECTLY!!! Hope you all like!


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